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The last 50 years has not seen a great deal of innovation in consulting. EagleSharp believes the time has come for a new approach, and we can help with management, M&A, finance, brokering and marketing consulting.


Should you choose to select EagleSharp as your management partner, you will be assigned an experienced consulting professional to work with you to guide your business on the path toward success. All EagleSharp professionals have extensive credentials as to education, experience and success both directly in business and as a consultant.

Charles F. Andrews - Managing partner and senior business consultant

Cayley Vos - Managing partner, IT consulting, business web development strategist


You determine what steps you want to take in accessing EagleSharp support. We are happy to answer your very particular question or fill the role as your upper management partner. See the STEPS below that show how you control the relationship “one step at a time”. If our FREE questionnaire response helps you move toward success we are happy to be of service. No one will call you or contact you beyond our response. Perhaps at some future point you will look to EagleSharp again. We are here if you need us.


EagleSharp embraces technology to bring the power of professional consulting to Small Business at reasonable prices. You and EagleSharp can address questions and issues via the internet. Placing a consultant in your office involves travel costs and contract commitments upfront, before information flows. EagleSharp believes this is an unnecessary hurdle to addressing your concerns. If you seek on-going support from EagleSharp it comes first in the form of teleconferences and Skype conferences. Travel is saved for those clients who require implementation services.


Secondly, we suggest you view EagleSharp as a long-term answer to management support. While the very notion of a long-term relationship with a consulting firm is atypical, it makes sense when the focus is on Small Business. The project oriented approach used by other consulting firms works when the client is a large corporation. Large corporations have professional management teams on board to handle day-to-day challenges, set strategy and determine goals and targets. They have reporting systems in place that monitor performance against these targets. A Small Business typically does not have these assets and a long-term relationship with EagleSharp fills this void and leads to success.


Cut out much of the travel and consulting becomes affordable.

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“I am confident the tools and knowledge…imparted to me will help me be a more successful business manager/owner. …helped me learn and better understand the management responsibilities of running our business.” read more...

Glazing Contractor
February, 2010