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Frequently Asked Questions


As small business consultants we have become experienced in viewing a business operation in the context of the bigger picture. We understand how the different aspects of a business need to function and relate to one another. Unless you do this on an on-going basis, as we do, you will not see the things we see.

EagleSharp will bring both EXPERIENCE and INNOVATION to your business. We give you answers in plain english.


With over 33 years experience in the business consulting field, EagleSharp has the unique ability to identify the constraints to your business success and find solutions to those constraints. Like anything else, you improve with experience and EagleSharp is long on experience.

Why can EagleSharp find solutions where others have failed? Solutions flow from education, experience and from innovation (see below). EagleSharp often starts with outlining a Strategic Plan for your business that includes a competitive advantage. (A Strategic Plan without a competitive advantage is like a well-oiled empty gun; it looks good, but you’re not going to do much with it.)


Below are recent examples of EagleSharp innovation in action.

Go Where the Money Is
When faced with a sagging US real estate market, EagleSharp had the client list excess spec home inventory on the international markets. Target inventory levels where met in 12 months.

Reorganize Outside the Box
Rather than train the owners wife in bookkeeping, EagleSharp recognized her people skills and placed her in charge of sales. Sales doubled the following year.

Using Parallel Businesses for Cross Referrals
Tree service client grows business by trading referrals with a large landscape firm.

Simple But Innovative Internal Procedures

  • stage jobs before leaving at end of day
  • run wood chipper 40 hours per week in winter (providing extra staff in summer)
  • GPS cell phone program pays field staff for time on site ONLY
Match Client to Client

Over the years EagleSharp has made one client the vendor for another client (no charge for this extra help).

How is EagleSharp going to help me and what will it cost?

EagleSharp will assess all aspects of your business, determine the constraints (bottlenecks) to your success and outline an action plan that fits your resources. In most cases, the solution will focus on sales and marketing. WE WILL WORK WITH YOU TO IMPLEMENT THE PLAN. Your response to the free questionnare will likely be followed by communication via phone and email. We are talking hundreds of dollars, not the thousands charged by other large consulting firms. We are then available as your long-term management partner for only $750 per month.

We also have helpful business articles to assist you with managing and growing your company.

Please note we do not handle banks, law firms or insurance companies.

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“I am confident the tools and knowledge…imparted to me will help me be a more successful business manager/owner. …helped me learn and better understand the management responsibilities of running our business.” read more...

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February, 2010