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Healthcare Brokers of America

A division of EagleSharp LLC.

We are a full service business brokerage firm focused on home healthcare and hospice care. This is all we do.

As a potential agency seller you need help to access the entire buyer market. Only a brokerage firm dedicated to your corner of the healthcare world is informed and experienced enough to provide brokerage service at the professional level.

Access the entire market Help find the RIGHT buyer Maintain your confidentiality (A badly managed selling effort can devastate your business.)

We represent major US firms who operate agencies in numerous states and are seeking to expand through acquisition. WE TYPICALLY OPERATE AS A BUYER PAID BROKER. See PLAN B for exception.

We have devised an approach that allows agency owners, like you, who might be thinking of selling, to test the market, confidentially without commitment.

  1. You and HBA sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT that requires everything be kept
  2. You give HBA a very basic profile of your agencies.
  3. We discuss a price range. (optional)
  4. HBA contacts the buyers HBA represents that likely would want an agency like yours
    and present a anonymous profile. (No way will they know who you are.)
  5. HBA advises you who is interested and to what degree.
  6. You decide to either allow HBA to give your contact info to the prospective buyer OR do nothing. If you decide to do nothing, we do nothing. If you decide to move forward HBA is paid by the buyer if the deal closes.

HBA understands the need to maintain confidentiality in working with our prospective seller clients. A Non Disclosure Agreement is executed up front so you can be comfortable in using our services (no charge to you).

Because HBA is a buyer-paid broker, we can match sellers to the buyer most likely to value your agency and, secondly, have the financial profile needed to close the deal. As a potential seller, you work with HBA on a 100% non-committal basis until such time that you decide to move forward. You may ultimately decide against selling.

There is no pressure to sell. In fact, until you have clearly made the commitment to sell, we will not refer you to an ES buyer/client. In other words, it is OK just to “test the water”.

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