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How to Increase Sales


In a shrinking market the aggressive, well designed, sales and marketing plan succeeds at the expense of the other players in the market. If you have decided not to be an “other player”, you will need a focused action plan that will turn sales volume around quickly. But first, you must decide which market segments are right for your company TODAY and which segments will have priority when allocating resources.

If the above paragraph sounds like “overkill” for your small business, take a step back and look at where you are today and how you got there. Whether formal or not, you had an idea previously of who you wanted for customers . And you probably had good reasons for focusing your selling efforts on this certain group of potential customers. These types of decisions are not “overkill”. They are the foundation of your business.

The recession has changed many aspects of nearly every business. What has worked in the past may not work today. Very likely, your selling effort must be more and better to succeed today. It must be a selling effort focused where it will do you the most good and make best use of your limited resources. Certainly, your action plan will want to reflect innovation together with common sense.

There is no “one size fits all” action plan for any industry. Your business is unique and requires an action plan that plays to your strengths and considers your weaknesses.

By completing the questionnaire you start to inform EagleSharp regarding your operations. Our no charge response will give you an idea of how an action plan could be designed to invigorate your business. A plan can be designed in a few days. There is absolutely no obligation attached to completing and forwarding the questionnaire. All information will be kept 100% confidential. No one will call unless you request a call.

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February, 2010