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We Take Your Problems Seriously

The recession has caused huge reductions in sales levels for many small businesses. EagleSharp experience in sales and marketing can replace lost sales using proven programs and techniques. Sales that you previously enjoyed as a result of your "business momentum" now must be earned with focused and well-designed tactics. Furthermore, this must be accomplished in a way that recognizes all aspects of your operation.

EagleSharp wants to be your management partner, not just a marketing firm that drops a pile of ideas in your lap for you to implement.


Take the time to save your business. Access professional management support without paying thousands of dollars. Complete the questionnaire below. We will respond to your questionnaire at no cost to you. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE TO PRINCIPALS OF US SMALL BUSINESSES.
No one can meet all your business challenges with a single response to a questionnaire, but our response to your questionnaire will define issues and suggest resources to meet the unique challenges of your business. This is a response tailored to your questionnaire, not some boilerplate simplification of issues. Complete and submit the business finance questionnaire and in 48 hours we will email you a professional outline prepared by professional consultants with over 20 years in the field. The response will incorporate strategy, action plans and reference resources. This response is FREE.


ES is available for teleconference support at $250 per hour. (Not every business will want or need this level of support.) An initial two hour teleconference would include follow up with a confidential e-mail to you outlining a draft of a Business Plan tailored to the needs of your firm. This teleconference service is available only to owners. Going forward, you can buy top level consulting one hour at a time when you see the need. No contracts to sign. No retainers. Whether or not subsequent teleconferences occur is up to you.


If you and ES see the need for on-going management support in a more structured manner, ES will invite you to participate in our Monthly Management Program. This two hour session, every month, provides the basis for ES to follow up with you via teleconference to keep your business on track. YOU CAN ACCESS PROFESSIONAL LEVEL UPPER MANAGEMENT FOR $750 PER MONTH!

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“I am confident the tools and knowledge…imparted to me will help me be a more successful business manager/owner. …helped me learn and better understand the management responsibilities of running our business.” read more...

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February, 2010