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Consulting Services

You have access to executive level management that will allow you to receive professional advice and unbiased plans to help grow your business and increase profitability.

Services Offered

  • Organizational Design and Staffing
  • Financial Systems
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategic Planning (Yes, every small business needs strategic planning.)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

New Products

EagleSharp is your partner in introducing a new product to profitable market segments. ES handles all aspects of new product development and strategic introduction. In the case of food and medical products, ES consultants are experienced in government regulatory filings. If need be, ES will locate a reliable production source that provides both competitive pricing and consistent quality. This includes locating and qualifying offshore producers.


You can access the network of ES contacts around the globe and have peace-of-mind knowing your ES partner is experienced in meeting the challenges of dealing with foreign producers. This experience includes completing transactions in 40 different countries.

New Markets

ES will open new markets to your business that might include government contracts, growth markets (yes, there still are some) and markets outside the US. To “go it alone” as a small business with limited experience in these areas is risky, to say the least. Government contract work requires an understanding of the registration process, the solicitation nuances and the priorities required: price, quality, delivery and documentation. Entering growth markets likely requires new skill sets that you would need to acquire. ES knows how this can be done quickly and at a reasonable cost. And for markets outside the US, ES knows how to manage the risk that invariably comes with foreign distribution.

Specialty Industries

  1. Salvage / Scrap Yard
  2. Government Contracts
  3. Warehouse / Storage
  4. Construction
  5. Distribution

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“I am confident the tools and knowledge…imparted to me will help me be a more successful business manager/owner. …helped me learn and better understand the management responsibilities of running our business.” read more...

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February, 2010